Painting levels

Tabletop level

The bare minimum. Looks good 3 feet away. Just so you don’t lose your 10 points for not being “Fully painted”.

Three base colours, no shades or highlights. The base is painted a single colour. 10 identical models minimum.

High tabletop level

Looks good 12 inches away.

5-10 base colours. Shades, highlights. The base is textured and simply decorated.

Drybrush, airbrush, oil paints, contrast paints, decals. All methods and tools are on the table to achieve the best results efficiently.

Display level

Care and attention to detail. Models painted to this level deserve the best spot on your favorite shelf.

No colour restriction. Special effects, OSL, freehand, textures, scenic bases, plinth mounts. Anything goes for best results.

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